I was recently asked by a bride “What do you wear to the wedding ceremony?” This was my answer.

When I am planning my clothes to wear to your ceremony I will try to choose colours that compliment or match the bridal party. I would never wear anything that is going to clash with your theme colour. It looks so much better in your photos if I blend in. The couple are the stars of the show and all of the focus will be on you both – front and center. As much as I try to avoid appearing in your photographs, there are some parts of your ceremony when I am required to be close by to you. This is usually when you are stating your vows and exchanging rings. There’s nothing worse than a celebrant that is poorly or inappropriately dressed appearing in the couple’s photographs. I would hate for that to have happened at my wedding so I would never do that to one of my couples.

Often another factor that can influence what I wear is the weather and the location of the ceremony.

The fashion police are out and about at most weddings. Even if you are attending as a guest, please consider your couple and dress for the occasion. You don’t want to end up as the next internet star or meme!

Any potential couples reading this post, I can put you at ease. The clothes I wear to your ceremony will always be conservative – presentable, clean and appropriate for your occasion. There will be no outrageous outfits – unless it’s a costume at your request, 


Clothes with subtle shades of soft pink and grey for this ceremony uniting two families at Rafferty’s Resort.


Clothes with a smart, casual look for a simply beautiful ceremony at home.

Emma's Cottage wedding.

I’m at Emma’s Cottage Vineyard on the Lovedale Long Lunch for a wedding. Dark grey tones in my clothes to match this couple in dramatic black. Just love the bride’s gown.