I am always asking the married people that I meet, “What is the one thing that you remember from your wedding day?” There is no right or wrong answer to this question and the responses vary.

For couples planning their marriage ceremony and the celebrations to follow this question is really important. Many couples get bogged down in planning the party, choosing the food, the flowers, the outfits and the photographer and these are all important elements that add to the day. My children – particularly our two girls, love looking through our wedding album and “oh” and “ahh” at the pages. The photos capture all of the special moments but nothing compares to your memories of a special word, a gesture or your emotions!

I loved my wedding day BUT I honestly don’t remember what food we ate or what wine we drank or the flowers that were in my bouquet. What I do remember about the day is the look and smile on my husband’s face, the words in our vows and the song that played during the ceremony. These are the things that have given me goosebumps and that warm and fizzy feeling of love for the past eleven years – and, that is something I never want to forget.  So I ask you………………..”What do you want to remember from your wedding day?”