In real estate the catch cry you hear is “location, location, location” and the same can be said for planning for your wedding ceremony. There are many choices available to couples marrying in Australia as to where they are able to hold their ceremony. From the top of the Harbour Bridge to a quiet rain-forest in North Queensland – there are so many different areas. In fact, couples are spoilt for choice with great beaches, headlands, lighthouses, parks, vineyards, halls, gardens, hot air balloons, receptions centres, resorts, private chapels, mountain lookouts, lakes….the list is endless and all locations can be transformed with a little imagination and creativity.

There are a few things to consider in deciding on the perfect spot!

  • Have you invited elderly guests? Will they be able to negotiate sand for a ceremony on the beach? Walk well on grass or an uneven surface?
  • Will you need to provide chairs for the guests?
  • What is our “Plan B” in case of inclement weather- not just rain but also consider wind  and extreme heat?
  • What time will the ceremony start? Will the guests be looking into the sun?
  • What other events may be happening in or around that location? For example, is it the local grand-final day and you’re planning a ceremony in the park,
  • What dangers may be around for guests or any children present? Cliffs, pools, a balcony are a few examples to consider?
  • Is the location near or on a main road? Will noise be a consideration?
  • Are toilet facilities available?
  • Is there adequate parking?