Today I had the privilege of performing the marriage ceremony of John & Hayley at Rafferty’s Resort, Cams Wharf. Whilst the heavens opened earlier and forced the ceremony indoors, the views of the lake still made for the perfect backdrop.

John & Hayley say they found love when neither was looking nor expecting to find it and that  they  are both excited about what their future together holds. From their first date they have been best friends, sharing each other’s company, making a home together and with John’s four boys along with Hayley’s daughter and two sons – they have formed a family.

The children all participated in the ceremony, each family member pouring sand into a vessel that will be on display on their home. The eldest, very proudly read this poem.

                                                                       A Family


A family is a place to cry, and laugh and vent frustrations

To ask for help, to tease and yell

To be touched and hugged and smiled at.

A family is people who care when you are sad

Who love you no matter what

Who share your triumphs and don’t expect you to be perfect

Just growing with honesty in your own direction.

A family is a circle where we learn to like ourselves

Where we learn to make good decisions

Where we learn to think before we do

Where we learn patience and table manners and respect for other people

A family is a place where we share ideas

Where we listen and are listened to –

Where we learn the rules of life to prepare us for the world.

The world is a place where anything can happen

And if we grow up in a loving family – we are ready for the world.