You are engaged and the next question family and friends ask is – “When is the wedding?” But how do you decide on the perfect wedding date? 

Some couples choose a date for their marriage that may be significant. The date can be a milestone birthday of either the bride or groom, the anniversary of a parent or grand-parent. There are also dates that have importance within certain cultures or a couple may choose a date for their marriage that aligns with their astrological charts or numerology. Celebrations of Easter and Christmas or a long weekend, when family and friends are gathered are also a consideration. 

Last year, Sunday 10-10-10 was a very popular date for weddings. There are two more opportunities for couples who like a date that is easy to remember with repetitive numbers – this year on 11-11-11 (a Friday) and next year on 12-12-12 (a Wednesday). For couples who like running numbers, this year there is Sunday 09-10-11 and next year, a Saturday 10-11-12.

Romantic dates like Valentine’s Day are also popular. In 2011, Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday and in 2012, a Tuesday.

In the Chinese calendar, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. Chinese New Year starts on February 3rd 2011. I hope it is a lucky year for couples tying the knot during this time. 

The best time to contact me, as your marriage celebrant, is as soon as you have picked the date. Whatever date you both decide on – the day you marry will be a day you will remember and that you both continue to celebrate and look back on fondly with each passing year.